Why Whitefield apartment price growth is top three in Bangalore ?

Published On May 4, 2016 | By Peter Austin | Featured

Whitehouse apartment market growth is high; the rate of price growth in residential marketing is steadily increasing. Indeed the growth is not slowed drastically, in between there was high and low in the sentiment but it has now stabilized and slowly increasing quarter on quarter. The private survey firms indicate apartment prices in whitefield grew 5 to 20% in the last five years. There is a strong demand among the information technology industry professionals for the apartments in whitefield. Owners need to make timely decisions for buying, renting or leasing the apartments. If owner buys apartment in whitefield, property owner can earn anywhere twenty five thousand rupees per month as a rent. The demographics of whitefield is quite interesting.

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There is a phenomenal audience of high net worth who shows interest for villas in whitefield. And then there is a men and women couple working in corporate who can afford for properties that are cost anywhere between one to two crores. And then there are senior managers of ten years of experience wh can afford luxury apartments of 70 to 80 lakh. Again the median salary is aroung onelakh fifty thousand to two lakh. There is also group of managers who can afford the budgeted homes of fifty to sixty lakh.

Here the median salary cost is around eighty thousand to one lakh twenty thousand who can pay arung forty thousand rupees as monthly payment as EMI ( Equated Monthly Installment). Even the salary increment in Information technology companies are phenomenal where year on year the appraisal is anywhere between ten to fifteen percent from small and medium business companies and ten to twelve percent from the multi national companies. The best part is the loyal bonus where these professionals can get anywhere from ten percent to fifteen percent. Therefore the whitefield apartment price growth grows steadily quarter on quarter.

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