Accounting is the process of verifying and reporting the financial information to any company, individual or government agency. An accountant is the backbone of every company when it comes to finance or any monetary transaction.

It is one of the toughest and most responsible jobs on earth. Job seekers with a major in accountancy, who are looking for a bright future, should check for accountant jobs opportunity. There are a huge number of openings in this field, so grab the opportunities as soon as possible.

The future of a career in accounting is mind-blowing. Most of the people think that accountant is the only job in this field, but the fact is that there are multiple career paths in this field. If you start your career as an accounting assistant, you can grow to other good positions in future. Some of them are: Accounting Clerk, Internal Auditor and Controller.

Accounting Clerk

An accounting clerk is a clerical assistant. He is responsible for bookkeeping and supports in keeping many other financial records. He also looks after tax liabilities, day to day expenditure and incoming receipts. Bookkeeping is one of the main jobs, but he also takes care of receiving payments, purchasing and billing and creating database.

Internal Auditor

An internal auditor reviews financial files and compliance with laws and regulations. They also check in detail regarding the policies and procedures along with the security systems. They are responsible to maintain the monetary transactions. Internal and external auditors work closely and their nature of work is quite similar when it comes to maintain the records.


The work of a controller is to report to the Chief Financial Officer of a firm. He is also responsible for the preparation of operating budgets and also involve in duties related to payroll.

According to a report, the professional service industry gave opportunities to nearly 60,000 new positions. This shows that in the coming years there will be a great demand for accountants for sure.

Depending on the experience, the salary range for accounting professionals varies. Professionals who take care of tax, payrolls, bookkeeping make an average of INR 234,080 per year, which is a handsome package when compared to any other profession.

At the end of the day, every organization looks for profit and loss. In short, there will be a constant demand for accountants across the globe for life long and the future of a career in accounting is going to reach the next level. If you don’t believe it, you can check out the accountant jobs opportunity listed online and you will understand what we are saying.