What are the advantages offered with Motif Investing?

Published On October 28, 2016 | By Edward Panos | Business

Motif investing was started with the plan to give investors some kind of control over what they are going to invest by offering them a dedicated theme based approach. It also provided users with a low account balance requirement which attracted many to this investment technique. There were many things which made Motif a preferred way to invest here are some of the benefits of selecting Motif as a mode of investment.

Create your own funds

Basic premise with Motif Investing is that here you can create your own funds which would be based in accordance to any specific theme. Here you can select as many as 30 stocks or for that matter ETF’s of any area that you want and buy shares in the Motif for only $9.95. With this you might end up with fractional shares but this may not be a problem for many. Motif is one of the best ways with which you can invest on a particularly focused industry.


They can provide Pre-Made as well

It may happen that you may not have any idea as to which particular area you should focus in. Motif has created as many as 150 different pre created motifs among which you can choose from. All these Motifs have a pretty straightforward interface which can allow users to get a pre-made motif which is perfect for them. All you have to do it simply log into your account and browse through various sections and industries to know what are pre made motifs are available for you. You can select a Motif as simple as ‘Growing Dividends’ or an advanced one ‘3D Printing’. Some of the Motif’s which are available are very unique, but at the same time there are also many common ones which can be selected.

Direct Pricing

Pricing which is presented at Motif Investing is very easy to follow and straightforward. All you have to do is pay flat price of $9.95 for every Motif. This is one of the best qualities of Motif and also the fact that you can choose to change or remove some amount of stock from your Motif which you can do just for $4.95 every trade or a flat amount of $9.95 for unlimited changes.

Trading Alerts

This is also a very effective feature as most of the brokerages are providing trading alerts these days. The brand new trading alert feature provided by Motif can provide you a way to keep close eye on all your investment.

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