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Published On December 24, 2016 | By Brandy Chambers | Business

In the Home Decor magazine that ValueMags offers, the cost of the apartments versus the condo it is important an important issue discussed. It is especially important explains ValueMags executives, to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The advantages of renting an apartment is that there are no extra taxes to pay (municipal nor school), you are not allowed to do renovations so there are no extra costs there usually, there are no welcome tax and there are no extra fees that buying a property would have (garbage fees). The biggest reason why people rent versus buy is the fact that they have mobility says ValueMags. They can pack up all of their things and move whenever they want, and if it is not the end of their lease they can sublet the apartment and have someone else take over the lease.

When renting you do not have to pay off the building/place for 25-30 years you can move whenever. The only problem is that moving does have extra costs says ValueMags executives, whom have all moved a couple of times in their lives. To move it costs around $200 for a rental truck, you have to pay any movers if you hire them or if you have friends/family help move you, you have to feed them and get them drinks. You have to anticipate the cost for changing your address (go to postal office and pay to change address on many things), you have to remember to update all of your ID’s and change your voter registration.

On top of all of that there are costs for actually moving in the sense that it will take gas and if your friends are helping you might have to give them some gas money depending on how far of a move it is. It can get expensive in the Chicago area explains the ValueMags President, Andrew Degenholtz, who has been in the Chicago area his whole life. All in all, mobility is good if your job requires you to relocate often but the costs of just moving for no reason adds up really quickly.


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