In every workplace, things can go wrong, and that’s what insurance for. Few workplaces can be as hazardous as a restaurant. If you’ve been in a professional kitchen then you know that even during the slower hours you’re going to have somewhere around a dozen people hustling and bustling around, handling potentially dangerous equipment. And that’s just workplace hazards. There’s also the matter of the dining room, where anyone can trip over a misplaced serving cart. Then there’s the entrance, where your wheelchair ramp is a slip and fall case waiting to happen during the colder seasons. And we haven’t even touched on how frequently restaurants are targeted by criminals. The point is, you need to be as prepared as possible if you want to run a business in the food, beverages and hospitality industry. Different restaurants will have different restaurant insurance needs, but these will get you started:

General Liability

General liability coverage is your foundation in protecting your business. If you have customers stepping onto your property in any capacity, general liability is going to help keep you safe against the vast majority of claims that could be made against you. This is not only injury, but property damage, as well. This means that if a sign somehow falls over and hits someone’s car, you’ll be covered.

Product Liability

When you sell a product, you need product liability in order to stay safe even if the damages take place somewhere besides your restaurant. This type of restaurant insurance will cover you if, for instance, somebody has an allergy to the bottle of hot sauce they bought from you.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Whether or not you deliver, you’re going to wind up using vehicles in order to run a restaurant. This will protect you should something happen on the road on company time.

Inventory Insurance

When the power goes out and a freezer full of food spoils, you can be out hundreds, thousands of dollars. Inventory insurance means that you’ll be able to file a claim that will help you to recover your lost inventory without having to dig into your own pockets.

Other insurance needs may include worker’s compensation, liquor liability and other policies, depending on what you sell, how many employees you have working for you and so on. The policies listed above are just the most necessary and universal within the industry. If you’re not fully covered just yet, get in touch with Tabak Insurance Agency and talk to them about your insurance needs. Every day you go without adequate coverage, you’re risking paying extensive damages out of pocket.