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Published On March 3, 2017 | By Brandy Chambers | Business

You may hear about Storm international, which is the leading company in managing the gaming and entertainment industry. It is the company which has been in this industry for more than 25 years. It is the company which has been working under the guidance of the dynamic CEO Darren Keane.  In the annual publications of the leading magazine Wiki leaks, there are several reports about this company related to the gaming industry and the gaming program it has organized in different parts of the world.

Program of responsible gaming

Shangri La based in Tbilis is the casino brand of storm international and has been operating several casinos under this brand name in different parts of the world.  Darren Keane Storm International CEO has announced the launch of the responsible gaming program to promote the implementation of the casino in various countries. Shangri La is going to be the gaming institution for implementation of the responsible gaming program.

CEO Darren Keane has announced that management of the gaming facility at various casinos under this brand will be done at the international standards in order to provide the best in class ultra modern and luxury services for gaming.  He also claimed that all the facilities and the services offered at Shangri La casinos are designed while keeping in mind to offer fun and entertainment stuff to the players. This company also helps the players who are less experienced by making them aware of the general standards for playing and winning the different casino games.

Developing the gaming industry

Storm international has played an important role in developing the gaming industry in different countries. It aims to increase the percentage share of the casino games to enable the games enjoy the       fun of playing the casino games. The efforts of the company can be seen when it has made an efforts for establishing the casino in Ukraine and in few more countries where gaming is illegal.


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