Steam Sterilizers: Where Can You buy One?

Published On February 23, 2016 | By Brandy Chambers | Business

Despite all the latest technology in healthcare, steam sterilization still remains one of the most reliable and consistent methods to sterilize medical equipment. Steam sterilization is not only inexpensive but also non-toxic and rapidly kills various micro-organisms. The technique is also able to penetrate fabrics and can rapidly heat any equipment.

Today there are many styles and designs of steam sterilizers on the market. While they all function is a similar manner, some of the latest sterilizers are more compact, have high capacity and keep water and energy usage to a miminum.a


Besides the large steam sterilizers, there are many portable devices that can now be used in outpatient clinics, dental offices and even emergency rooms. These small steam sterilizers are designed for smaller medical equipment like needles, syringes, dental equipment and small surgical kits. Today, steam sterilization is widely used in healthcare settings whenever there is a need to sterile critical medical equipment that is moisture and heat resistant (eg anesthesia equipment).

There are many companies which sell steam sterilizers and this makes it difficult for healthcare workers and institutions to pick the right company. Comparing prices online is one way, but remember cheapest is not always the best. So before you buy a steam sterilizer, know why you want one, the size, your budget and what you want sterilized. Ask what type of  material was used to construct it- you preferably want stainless steel devices as they last longer. You also want to know how much energy these machines consume and their size. Other things that you should ask is how fast these machines sterilize medical equipment and the type of maintenance required. Finally ask if there is a warranty on the device and for how long it is valid.

In most cases, there are steam sterilizers to fit almost every budget.

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