Project scheduling is one of the main functions of the project management software. Without effective scheduling of all the tasks of the project there will be very less expectation about the wok efficiency of controlling the difficult projects at a time. The project management application help the managers to deal with the projects in a simple manner rather than making it complicated.

The project scheduling:

Deltek Open Plan is one of the popular software applications that are used in handling the project. The project scheduling is one of the central parts in making a project and also accomplishing it. It comprises a list of various deliverables that have the starting dates and the finish dates. The visual representation of the project scheduling is represented in a chart.

When you are establishing the project scheduling, there are few important steps that you should remember. The first step in the project scheduling is the establishment of the order in which all the tasks should be performed. The WBS structure is generally used as the input. The dependency should be created in between the two tasks and one is dependent on the other. There are 4 steps in the dependencies – FINISH TO START, FINISH TO FINISH, START TO START AND START TO FINISH.

The next step is the identification of the resources that are required for performing the project. The resource may be the person, tool, service or the item that is required in handling the project. Availability of the resources is responsible for the time that is needed to complete the work.

Once the dependencies are established, the project manager enters the work effort or settles the duration of the work. In such situations, manual handling can be avoided by using the online project scheduling software. The online application can be able to arrange tasks and also calculate the final date of the project. Deltek Open Plan is schedule management software made by Deltek. Its competitors are Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera P6. For more information: