Meet the Woman Driving Great Change in the Sunny City of San Diego

Published On September 25, 2015 | By Kathryn Felder | Business

In the ‘always sparkling’ ‘Sunny’ Diego city, CA; you can hardly find a citizen who is not aware of the 49 years ‘alluring’ ‘spirited’ young lady Gina Champion-Cain. The real ‘champ’ Gina is the stamina, the drive of Sun Diego. In fact, this Mission Hills MI resident is now a ‘Brand’ name of this corporate American city. She is recognized as the most successful and flourishing ‘Woo-man’ Business Entrepreneur of Diego. Truly incredible is her rising story which can make anyone simply spellbound.

Finding a broken-down old Woolworth stores her imaginative mind became optimistic and devoid of spoiling a day, she contacted its owner and bought the store to blend her artistic feel on it. And, within a few months, at every citizen’s amazement that literally abandoned store was remodeled into an eye-catching bejeweled new generation residential plot House of Blues. This humble message of Gina reached every corner of San Diego and its neighboring LA or Francisco cities like bonfire.

The next project, undertaken by Gina was her brilliant presentation of a pioneering bar cum restaurant the Patio on Lamont Street beside the Pacific beach for her adoring citizens of San Diego. Only those who have enjoyed the magnificence of Patio’s cuisine with a blend of wine or cocktail know how unusual it is opposed to others. In a press interview when Gina was asked as to what made her choose the beach of pacific! Gina Champion-Cain happily announced that creating a beach restaurant has a special appeal to all those who lead a hectic life and desire to have a real relief, a break, a refreshed breath that energize them to resume the routine life. Gina’s next introduction to another exclusive eatery is The Patio on Goldfinch.

Currently, she is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Patio chain of restaurants. Another great endeavor of the ‘Champ’ is LUV-SURF. In essence, the enterprise offers a series of services including coffee café, vacation rentals as well as a facility of high class coffee roasting which is named as The Swell Roasting Company, LLC. Thinking the new generation women’s passions, Gina has been launching the first womanish attires and casuals in the heart of Diego City. She is optimistic that her blending with Californian culture in her women’s fashion store will surely  win the minds of teens to elderly.  Aside from this, Gina is reasonably involved as the chairperson and CEO of the major real estate group American National Investments. Earlier, Gina was the EVP and later the Senior VP of the huge corporate Koll Company.

Gina Champion-Cain is backed by a BA degree from MI University with major in Philosophy and Political Science. She has undergone Master degree in Business Administration from the University of Sun Diego and is also supported by a JD degree from California Western School of LAW.  The Women magazine of San Diego has honored Gina as the ‘cover girl’ for being the top accomplished business entrepreneur of San Diego.

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