Learning Several Unknown Facts about Sweatshirt

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Sweatshirts have been invented by the Americans near the beginning of 19th century. They were primarily used by the army people during their initial training days. It protected them from the extreme cold and moisture. Slowly, sweatshirt has been included in the wardrobe of almost every individual as casual wear. Nowadays they are available in almost every shop all over the world.

Types of sweatshirts

The sweatshirts can be classified based on their designs, length of the sleeve and material. The several types of sweatshirts based on designs are described below.

  • Hoodie sweatshirts: They have a hood that covers the head, ears, nose and the shoulders.
  • Track jacket sweatshirts: They are usually worn by the athletics and are paired with sweatpants for their outdoor practices. These have moisture absorption features.
  • Crew sweatshirts: They are the most common type of sweatshirt. They tend to have rounded neck and do not have front zipper or collars.
  • Sweatshirts with pocket: All the above types of sweatshirts may or may not have pockets. The ones without a front zipper usually have a pocket near the bottom while the pocket is divided in the ones that have zipper. The track jacket ones have pocket along the sides.Image result for Some Important Features about Sweatshirt

The sweatshirts can also be divided on basis of the sleeve length. The classifications are explained below.

  • Full sleeved sweatshirts: They are the widely used and most common sweatshirts. Usually the sleeves extend up to the wrist and are tight for providing better warmth.
  • Half-sleeved sweatshirts: Here the sleeves tend to extend up to upper arm and look better when paired with tank tops for women.
  • Sleeveless sweatshirts: They are usually better for layering. It also pairs well with tank tops for women and for men it is preferred when they tend to show their muscles.

The other division of sweatshirts can be done based on the material. The common materials that are usually used for making sweatshirts are explained below.

  • Cotton: It is the most common and widely used material. It is preferable when staying indoors or in mild cold days. While layering it usually compromises the topmost layer.
  • Cotton blends: Here cotton is mixed with synthetic fibers to give the stretch. It is a little cheaper than pure cotton but feels completely like cotton.
  • Synthetic fibers: They are usually used by the athletics and army people. They help to regulate the body temperature and absorb moisture.


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