Know How Financial Managers Serve the Industry In Getting Stronger?

Published On June 16, 2017 | By Brandy Chambers | finance

These days, corporate financial activity areas are considered as the most crucial and complex functional areas of a business enterprise. It is, therefore, almost all business groups think of hiring high profile financial management experts to perform in this vital position. A professional performing as a financial manager looks after oval all financial activities of an enterprise. Naturally, the personal working in this place should have thorough knowledge, experience and insight to make sure that funds are effectively used that eventually affect on productivity, profitability and growth of the firm.The key functions of a Financial Manager can be described as follows

Raising of Funds

Meeting the obligations of the firm is a primary issue. And this needs adequate cash flow as well as liquidity. Going by the opinions of Dessa Bokides, Chief Financial Manager at DFC Global Corp, that a business enterprise can raise their required funds by issuing equity or by obtaining debt from investors, lenders or financial institutes. Nevertheless, it is the sole responsibility of financial executive to settle on the proper ratio of equity and debt.  Maintaining this balance is vital toward the consistent growth of the company.

Fund Allocation

Once required finances are raised by means of varied channels, the next vital function that comes to a financial manager is correct allocation of the funds. Typically, in big companies, the method of fund allocation is made as per corporate financial plan while the personality positioned as the financial head ensures that allocations are made as per need and they are used optimally. The financial assessment and its proper distribution influence the activities of other departmental heads or managers directly and indirectly. Hence, as structuring of a superior asset mix is important, allocation of these funds keep things effectively operational.

Understanding the Capital Markets

Shares issued by an enterprise are traded on different stock exchanges while the sale and purchase of these securities is a continual factor. Therefore, thorough understanding of the capital market is a crucial job responsibility of a financial manager. Dessa Bokides says that a financial manger should have complete information about the stock market trend while calculation of the risk issues involved in the trading of equities and debentures should be calculated with great insight.

At this time, Dessa Bokides has been working for DFC Global as its Chief Financial Officer. The enterprise offers comprehensive solutions on financial products through online as well as its retail locations that are widespread worldwide. Before joining DFC Group, the knowledgeable financial personality has worked for numbers of globally famous enterprise including Alta Colleges, Galileo Global Education and Ally Bank apart from ProLogis, Pitney Bowes, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs.

Other than the vast area of Financial Management, She has substantial knowledge in Mergers and Acquisition projects, Strategy management and leadership. She is backed by her graduation from the Colorado College. Subsequently, she achieved her MBA degree with major in Finance from Columbia University. She is an acknowledged financial personality in the industry and recipient of a series of awards for her great contribution in the domain.

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