Civil Engineering is basically a professional division of engineering that includes the repairing and construction of man-made structures with the help of a particular design. The importance of this department of engineering to the society is definitely infinite. It is the sole responsibility of a good civil engineer to ensure the construction of the best quality structures in and around the area concerned.

Vince Paparella is one of the finest names in the field of Civil Engineering. He is indeed a true example of the fact that the right person with the right qualities is indeed an asset to the society in every way. Taking a closer look at the importance of a civil engineer and civil engineering to the society, the first thing that needed to be taken into consideration is the development that takes place around us through the passage of time. It is due to the immense contribution of the people associated with this field that we get to see such fine structures equipped with the best facilities around us. These engineers work endlessly to give us a strong and a safer environment to survive.

Though not acknowledged the way they should be, civil engineers contribute a great deal to make our lives all the more easier and sustainable for us. The other thing that comes up when we think of Civil Engineering is the large scale employment that it has been providing to the people through all these times. The demand for construction never decreases. The building of new structures, roads, bridges continue to grow. Thus a large section of the society is involved in this work. This has in turn encouraged a number of students to take up civil engineering as their subject of study during their academic years. People like Vince Paparella have taken this profession to new heights.


In the recent times, there are a number of other things that civil engineers are responsible for. Apart from the buildings that they construct, it is their duty to ensure that they look after the safety of the buildings in the best way. Installing fore exit points, incorporating the buildings with necessary safety equipment is all a part of the civil engineers job. Environmental engineering also forms a great part of civil engineering. Apart from constructing things, the fact that the environment is harmed to a very less extent must be kept in mind.

The contribution that civil engineering and civil engineers have to our society is often neglected. But the fact remains that these engineers are the ones who have a major contribution to the life that we lead. Working endlessly for hours, these people ensure that we have the safest of all things. They build structures keeping our comfort as their first priority. The contributions of these people are visible all around us. Thus no matter what, it is hard to disagree the fact that civil engineering is an indispensable part of our lives.