How To Get A Second Mortgage? Its Advantages

Published On December 25, 2016 | By Edward Panos | finance

The term second mortgage loan simply refers to an additional loan taken on a home that has already been mortgaged. The collateral for this loan is usually the already built up equity in this home. This loan can be a quick source for huge amounts of funds often needed to; settle debts, buy home enhancements, pay for tuition or any other actions that require funding. It is however necessary that you understand what this loan truly entails before taking that leap and asking for it. OE Mortgage can help you acquire 2nd mortgage in Toronto in a stress free way.

Second Mortgage Interest Rates

The interest rates for second mortgage are generally higher than that of the first mortgage on the home. These rates however have dropped due to the high competition everywhere and the fall of interest rates generally over the last few years. You will be allowed to choose between fixed or variable rate loans and the second mortgage loan will be subject to your credit balance, amount of equity and the market status at that particular time.

Second Mortgage Quick-Guides

Before taking up a second mortgage, follow these indispensible guidelines that will help you make the perfect choice. They are;

  • Take time to study different lenders, make use of the free quotes available online. This will help you get lots of quotes and details to enable you make the ideal choice to suit your position without any indebtedness.
  • Enquire about every fees needed to balance or payoff the second mortgage to avoid any issue springing up from that aspect. You could even negotiate to have some fees forfeited.
  • You should also ensure that your lenders are credible and respectable clients with unquestionable antecedents
  • Avoid second mortgages that come with insurance as this tends to increase your monthly defrayals.
  • Choose the lowest rates possible because this will mean lower payments throughout the loan span.
  • You can ask the representatives to give you expert advice to clarify issues especially when confused.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Second Mortgage Loans

The advantages of second mortgage loans will include;

  • It is less time consuming and stress free to obtain  a second mortgage compared  to refinancing your home mortgage
  • Compared to other refinance methods Transactions costs on the 2nd mortgage are quite low and could be converted into substantial savings
  • If the need arises it becomes easier to access a lot of money
  • You can merge and pay up other debts to ameliorate your credit rating


  • It could be dangerous to use your home as a collateral because if you default you may lose your home
  • Compared to your primary mortgage loan, you may discover that Interest rates can be higher
  • Taking second mortgage should only be done if  it is unavoidable because it will increase total amount of  debt you owe

In moments of financial crises taking second mortgages can become an easy way out to acquiring financially stability.

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