If you are an importer getting goods into Canada, you will have to deal with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), just like other importers. In case the paperwork is not done right or there is an issue with the goods, your shipment can get struck at the border. It is extremely important to be extremely transparent about working with CBSA, and unfortunately, most importers don’t understand the complicated documentation and jargon involved. That’s exactly where a customs broker comes in the picture. For the uninitiated, customs brokers have a legal job, and they are licensed by Canada Border Services Agency, and the client needs to give them the authority to complete procedures and get the shipment cleared on their behalf.

This brings us to the question – What does it take to hire a customs broker in Canada?  We have a few tips below that may come in handy.

Find more on what they offer

The role of a customs broker is to get your shipment cleared, but many of them, such as Clearit importing, do a lot more. The best brokers are experienced in all sorts of freight forwarding and they can also handle LTL and FTL truck freight. They can also provide help for car imports, have experience with e-commerce customs solutions. Since many importers don’t understand importing business, brokers can also offer customs consulting.

Ask the right questions

It is important that you get answers to be a few basic questions before selecting a customs broker, because if you are into importing, you would need their assistance time and again. Ask questions like

  1. Do you help new importers and exporters?
  2. How long have you been in the industry?
  3. This is my business model. Do you see any risks?
  4. What can be the possible concerns of related to my imports?
  5. Do you deal in customs consulting? If yes, what are your charges?
  6. What information do you need to offer help?
  7. How much of the process can be done online?
  8. Can I chat or talk with your expert customs agent on the phone?
  9. How will I know the status of my order?
  10. What are your charges in general? Do I need to pay more than quoted? If yes, what are those circumstances?

Check online now to find a reliable customs broker and don’t shy away from discussing your requirements. Keep in mind that your business would need their support more often than expected.