How to choose a great gift for your dad

Published On October 21, 2015 | By Edward Panos | Business, Sales Management

Your dad’s special day is approaching, and you are thinking about the perfect gift for him. Everything is considered, but somehow you are still lacking the ideas on what might be that perfect gift. Choosing the perfect gift can often be a difficult task, but if you do some research on it, you can easily make his day even more special. By following these tips, you will save a lot of time and become an expert in gifting presents. Here are the things you should do straight from the start.

Gather information and make a list


Start by talking to your family members. Try and gather as much information as you can about the things you dad loves, and then create a list. After you have created a list, narrow it down to 10 things, then consider each and every one of those, and then narrow it down to 5 and so on until you have only two things left. In that moment, you will know what to do and which to choose. Perhaps both of them?

Spend time with him

The greatest gift of all can often be time. Take him out and do the things you know he would appreciate, and make him happy by simply being there with him. These things can vary from going for a walk to climbing, hiking, cycling, sailing together and all those things which include the two of you. Once you realize how important time is to him, you might even see a tear in his eyes once the day comes to an end.

Consider classics

Classic gifts are something that will never go out of fashion. We are talking watches, cigarettes, Ties, Golf equipment, Polo shirts, pocket knife, leather wallet, shaving set, expensive pen, and garage tools. With these you can never be wrong.

Push your creativity to the limits

If all of the classic presents seem a little corny, you can always go for something unexpected. For example, consider getting him personalised stubby coolers which are great for keeping his beer cold, or perhaps a smoking pipe in which he can enjoy smoking like never before. Also, you can buy him a gift voucher for skydiving, or bungee jumping if your dad is an extremist. If you are lacking ideas, it is always great to talk to someone who knows him best, and to ask for his “hidden dreams”.

Fulfill those dreams

If you can afford something expensive, try purchasing him something worth the time. We are talking going for a balloon ride, racing on a race track, taking a fighter pilot ride, etc. All these things have a bit higher price, but can be purchased for your dad and will definitely make his day and stay in his memory for the rest of his days as the best gift he ever received. If your dad loves cooking, consider paying for his cooking lessons; if he loves the outdoor adventures, take him on a camping trip; if the two of you never went fishing, now could be the perfect time for some father-son reunion. Try and remember all the things you father had done for you, and the inspiration will come on its own.


Write him a letter

If you want to strike straight into emotions, take a piece of paper and start writing a letter. This gift has no cost, but its worth cannot be described. Thank him for all the things he has done for you, for putting you on the right track, and all the things you feel you should thank him for. Be specific, and make him feel special for it. Say that you are proud, and how grateful you are to him as your dad. Make sure you put your heart into it, for you are aiming for the heart.

No matter which gift you go for, it will make your dad happy. Keep in mind that he is your dad, and that he would do anything to keep you happy. That should be enough motivation.

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