How to apply for a VA loan? Know all the Terms and Conditions along with Some Tips

Published On October 28, 2016 | By Peter Austin | finance

There are various benefits, which are given to the retired military officials and the old government officials by the financial institutions. They even give best deals on various products and services. The VA loans are one such advantage which can be procured by such people or the veterans. This loan service was initially started under the VA Guaranteed Home Loan Program and these days, it is mostly available in every bank near you.

However, there is an organized and long process from which the person has to go through in order to apply for the loan. This process is quite different from the other usual processes of applying for a loan. This article will talk about how to apply for such loans and what is the procedure like?Image result for How to apply for a VA loan? Know all the Terms and Conditions along with Some Tips

How to qualify to apply for such loans?

Once a person qualifies for the VA loan, he/she can gain a lot out of it. In order to qualify for the VA loan, you will have to go through a small process of pre-qualification. This is done before you out to purchase your new house.

This will allow the lender to know all your requirements. It is not necessary that you are going to qualify, however if you do then you can get the loan without any hassle. For this, you can contact Maureen Martin VA loan specialist, who will guide you through the procedure.

What are the various advantages of getting a VA loan?

There are various advantages of getting a VA loan for your home. Some of them have been mentioned below –

  • These kinds of loans are beneficial because you have an advantage of pre-deciding the price range which is comfortable for you to pay. This allows you to set a range which is affordable to your pocket and hence you will not end up spending more.
  • If you have been pre-qualified for the loan, then you will be a desirable buyer of your new house and hence more sellers will consider signing a deal with you.
  • If pre-qualified for the VA loan, then you can negotiate better with the sellers.
  • You can even pre-plan the whole process as well as the closing of the deal and hence you can get rid of any kinds of delays or emergencies.

What all is required for a VA loan?

There are various documents which you require to apply for this kind of loan. Here are all of them –

  • Certificate of Eligibility – this certificate will tell the lender about your past military service to the nation and hence he will be sure that you are eligible.
  • Good Credit Score – make sure that you have a desirable credit score and not below 620 or else you can be disqualified.
  • Income Requirements – you need to assure the lender that you will be able to pay back the loan and hence you should provide him/her with your income details.
  • Funding fee – this is a one-time fee which you will need to pay. The current rate is 2.15%

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