How do you think you are going to survive with your business if you don’t have a financial backing? There may be hundreds of reasons and stages in a business that may demand an instant investment from you. Will you be applying to the bank every time for that? Will you actually be applying for funds each time with the same lengthy and time taking loan application with documents, and wait to get that processed while you are hammered to the end with mental agony till it gets approved? Well that is simply not the way, specially when you are staying at Minnesota in the US, says the CEO of the Equity bank Liefschultz. In fact you have better feasible options!


What is the solution for getting instant cash?

Instant cash is what you may need for a running business, and it can be as simple as that to get cash. No need to borrow it from a friend, or from a payday loan company every time, when talents like Liefschultz have arranged for a brilliant way through his private financial institution the Equity Bank. You just need a healthy credit score to apply for the first time for a lines of credit account. Your records would be seen and you would be given an account with the Equity Bank to get an access to funds with access to certain limits. You may access any amount any time within that line or limit, and may pay back anytime later. It can be so simple, and is a great facility for people and businesses that may need money now and then, for investing in real estate, business, and other important things.

The whole arrangement is monitored and led by Steve Liefschultz who is the CEO and Chairperson of the Equity Bank. The private bank is functional in Claremont and Minnetonka, and people here always have a hope when all other doors for financing are closed for them.

The journey of Liefschultz

The journey of Liefschultz has been quite interesting. The Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota studied Law later, and specialized in business laws and investment, to become able to join companies and financial institutions, in important financial positions. He served companies like First Bank Florida in Naples, Teledigital Inc, Xox Corp and many others. In his course of career making he finally founded the Equity Bank, and also the Remada Company, and he is the Chairman and the CEO both, in both these institutions.

The arrangement made by Liefschultz

With the deep understanding of law and economics, business and finances, Steve Liefschultz realized that the main area of help that man needs while investing in real estate, or other important investment, starting or developing a business etc, is the supply of cash. And to make sure that industries and businesses in Minnesota never gets into hiccups for not getting enough funds on time he started the concern. It’s actually a blessing for the businesses and industries in Claremont and Minnetonka to have a financial support company like Equity Bank, where they would get support, backing, arrangement of instant cash, and great advises on business investments all together.