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The clients of Holborn Assets Limited are going to be protected from major losses, meaning they can follow their goals and dreams without any fear of unplanned events affecting their assets directly or indirectly. We guarantee this because we put their interests first. This is our rule and it lies at the core of our corporate and communication strategy. Exceptions to this rule are never made. All companies in this branch in the UAE want to be the best, but there is only one top financial service provider. Holborn Assets Limited’s UK office is aiming to attain organic growth by means of viable acquisitions and joint ventures. Most of our clients in the UK are expatriates and a potential Brexit is a rather frightful prospect to them, so Holborn Assets is actively catering to their needs and helping them plan for an uncertain future. Holborn Assets is actively planning its own future too – we just finished work on an impressive three-year strategic plan that involves expanding the international client service department from our head office in Dubai.

As always, we aim to position ourselves at the forefront of the industry. We employ professional advisors and cutting edge technology to design viable financial solutions that will guarantee a safe financial future for each and every one of our clients and their families. The market may be changeable and volatile, but that will not affect our clients’ precious assets. We guarantee we will always provide great solutions and sustainable results. Our team of experts is committed to establishing and sustaining a tradition of superiority in terms of developing relationships, opening up new opportunities and above all providing excellent services and custom-made solutions. Our dedication to excellence in customer service is so great that we are one of just several companies with a special client service department in the United Arab Emirates. Our team is constantly improving its performance and prospects as the company targets value enhancement for our clients. Our keen eye for detail ensures the client’s long-term financial success. It’s like they say – the devil’s in the details – and it is particularly true in the world of finance and investment.

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