A firm that does transactions on the part of a client is termed as brokerage firm. Some Finance Brokerage firms are only into conducting transactions, while some others also provide various different types of investment advisory services. Finance Brokerage firms obtain their profit through various commissions on different orders provided. It means that they usually collect a small amount of percentage of value on each transaction, though many of them charge flat fees. Clients can give order in a various number of ways.

  • One may directly fix a meeting with the broker,
  • May call on the telephone,
  • Or give orders over the Internet.


Brokerage firms handle mainly two main types of brokerage accounts that are advisory accounts and discretionary accounts. But, brokers are given access to carry out number of transactions on advisory accounts only on the specific orders given by the account holder, or under very precise and specific instructions given. Finance Brokerage Stocks have much more room for discretionary accounts; they can conduct transactions which are not restricted by the account holder on the basis with the holder’s investment motto as well as the prudent man rule. In recent time, most of the brokerage firms are in fact a type of broker-dealer firms (A broker-dealer is a mostly a person or a firm in the area of buying and selling securities, which operates like both as a broker and a dealer, depending solely on the type of transaction). Most of the brokerage firms should be registered with the accordance of SEC.


It is a type of real estate activity engulfed in assisting buyers and/or sellers in the purchase of real estate property. In smaller communities, various brokerage activities are done on a type of general practitioner basis. While in larger communities, brokers are generally specialized in certain price ranges or types of residential properties; or any other combination of office buildings, retail space, food service, industrial, warehouse, farms or lands and many other development lands.