The Cactus Transport began its operation years back with just a couple of  trucks in their arsenal. However, with time, the transportation firm managed developing a credible niche in the industry and within just years of starting its operation, Cactus Transport became a well-known company in the field. From adding more trucks to their arsenal to increasing the employee strength, the company has been on a roll. One of the best things about this agency is even after so much fame and recognition, they still have managed to follow their motto “Treat others the way you’d like to be treated and you’ll gain miles of respect” wholeheartedly.

Cactus Transport has been extending its services for about 30 years and their main specialization involves dump truck hauling, computer rate control oil, spreaders, CT logistics and liquid oil transportation. This particular transportation agency is licensed to operate in the field and carry out their tasks in the best possible manner. One of the striking points about them is that they are extremely dedicated to their clients and are very punctual regarding their orders. They in these many years have given loads of people several reasons to smile.

Their drivers are also skilled and have years of experience regarding transporting goods from one location to another. Plus each of their drivers is also certified to drive around the region and are extremely skilled as in they know how to take good care of the goods.  To ensure best kind of service, Cactus Transport offers several tips to the drivers; here is a quick look –

  • Getting enough sleep They state that drowsiness or in-ability to drive can affect a driver’s decision making power and also reduce their reaction time.
  • Checking the weather- They also state that the drivers should always check the weather report part of their regular routine. Plus they must also analyze the weather condition, the road visibility and also the traffic. Another important thing which they state is that is one finds that the road is a bit slick or icy to navigate; they should not hesitate to pull over to their shoulders.
  • Slowing down on the curves- one of the most important tip is to slow down on curves or on roads which have strange dimension or high center of gravity

The usage of rubberized asphalt in the transportation industry started to solve the mounting complications of disposing latex tires.These help reduce the noise which is created by vehicular traffic by about five decibels. They also reduce noise pollution and help improve the quality of nearby community life.  In giving asphalt rubber blending and transporting facilities, the Cactus Transport, is considered to be the pioneer in carrying oil related products to several vendors and contractors in South West USA.

Though the technology for a proper blending Asphalt and latex was there ever since the 1960’s, it was mainly an experimental object for a majority of the transportation departments in USA. Its first usage was done in Arizona and in the recent few years, several transporting companies like the Cactus Transportation Inc. made a mark in the field.