#1: Why do I need a Customs Broker?

A customs Broker will help to ensure that your goods comply with the government regulations and other legislative policies. A customs Broker will assist with facilitating an entry on the importer’s behalf and also in classifying goods based on the Harmonized Tariff Schedule for duties and tax application. They are also charged with the arrangement of customs clearance for your shipment before arrival at the stipulated destination.

#2: What other services does a Customs Broker provide?

In addition to the primary responsibility, a customs broker helps to arrange Warehousing, Cargo Insurance, Customs Bonds and Local Trucking. The broker may also assist with the provision of Trade consultants who are charged with handling severe issues such as ICR, Trademark and more. To be sure the customs broker you choose, you need to first consult them to ask. However, you can try out Clearit USA customs consulting to see how diverse a customs broker may be.

#3: What are the advantages of using a Customs Broker?

A customs Broker will help in working out any duty and taxes with customs to ensure a faster transit of your goods. This is why it is important to hire a customs broker if you want your goods to be processed in a rather cost-effective and more efficient manner.

#4: Do other government agencies have import or export requirements?

Some goods may require certificates or permits by other government department regulations. To ensure that your goods are fully compliant, it is important to determine these specifics before importation.

#5: What duties and taxes are payable?

First, you need to determine the tariff classification of your goods to know if the applicable duties and taxes are payable. However, every imported commercial good, unless exempt, are subject to customs duty and taxes.

#6: What is Duty Drawback?

This refers to the refund of 99% of the duty paid on products imported after they are either destroyed or exported. You need a proof that the goods are exported to qualify for the Duty Drawback within a specific length of time.

#7: What is a Customs Bond? Why is an Importer required to post a bond with Customs?

A Customs Bond refers to a contract issued to ensure the performance of an obligation as guided by law or regulations. The bond principal agrees to pay taxes, duties and other charges routinely, to produce documents and evidence, to complete entry etc. the money deposited by an importer to the customs will not be released until after the entry is liquidated.

#8: Can I import a vehicle?

Vehicle importation is subject to safety and air pollution control standards. Vehicles entering the country must conform to the set standards and policies.