People always read quotes of successful business persons to get inspired by their struggle and hardships to bring fortune for business entities. Have you ever pondered that what exactly a successful person does that other people do not? Indeed, there is a difference between a visionary business person and a business person. A visionary leader visualizes that others cannot do. If one goes by this quote, Chris Keehner is the man who envisions the radical and drastic transactions of the family owned small wholesale distributor firm into the full fledged company.

The journey of struggle and hardships started back 1979 when John W. Keehner established D-S Pipe Supply LLC with his fellow partners, 7 employees and one truck. The biggest transformation phase started when Chris Keehner joined the firm. He finally brought his expertise and visions to bring the changes in the firm. He envisioned merging D-S Pipe Supply with DS Pipe & Supply Co in 2011 for better performance of the firm in the market.steel

From 1979 – Now:

He has brought the firm from 1 truck to 19 trucks fleet, from 7 employees to 110 full time employees and 27,000 square feet warehouse. Giving him tag of ‘steel man’ is not a metaphor because he is a man behind the success of D-S Pipe & Steel Supply, LLC. He has come a long away to make this firm into the current condition. A leader who never forgets his failure is the successful one. There are many characteristics and prerequisites of the renowned business leader. However, Chris Keehner is the blend of visionary and hard working leader.

Notably, he is not the one who established this firm hence it took more struggle and hardships for reaching to the pinnacle of success in the market. Earlier in 1979, it was a small family owned wholesale pipe distributor firm. The firm determination and dedication finally manifolds the profits ofD-S Pipe & Steel Supply, LLC. Sky is the limit for some business persons because they always aim high when it comes to achieve targets as they never feel satiate with their success and achievements. In the same way, he has brought to the apex of success in the market.

He is always ready to share his views and ideas with others because for him, success is not permanent hence keep on brainstorming for innovation. His firm has strong coverage in different areas such as Maryland, D.C., Virginia, Delaware and some parts of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New Jersey. Christopher Keehner provides assurance to the customers about the high quality products, assurance of the best customer service and immediate response to customers’ request.

The firm provides wide range of products such as steel, ball valves, grove fittings, weld fittings, pipe, globe, pipe, weld fitting, pipes, plasma cutting, valves, accessories and other structural steel varieties, and grooved pipe fittings. Depending on the demands of the customers, the firm is ready to meet their preferences and offer them high quality services.