What is a medical device?

A medical device is equipment used in the various surgeries conducted by a surgeon internally or externally a human body. Various kinds of medical supplies are also included in a medical device. A medical device consists of any kind of equipment used in clinical procedures for checking, evaluating of ailments or for treatment of a patient. Everything from an injection to a stethoscope comes under a medical device.


Careers in the medical device marketing companies

Medical device marketing has several lucrative career options for people of all sectors and streams. It is a combination of science and medicine, marketing and technology!

The people who have a proficient degree in all these fields are hired by a medical device marketing company. Medical device marketing involves the successful marketing of these medical devices to different customers. Generally, the customers consists of doctors, surgeons, clinics or big hospitals. A medical device marketing consists of providing everything from a new born baby’s cradle to a dead person needs. Like a normal marketing process, a medical device marketing also involves packaging, labelling, pricing, advertising, and displaying. There are several kinds of people involved in marketing a medical device.

Career in marketing

Many people commence their career in a medical device marketing company as a product manager. Though if need be, a company may also hire a assistant product manager for assisting the product manager in day to day marketing chores. A product manager singlehandedly manages all the needs, requirements of a medical device marketing company. All the off field as well as in field work is conducted in his surveillance and guidance. The salary of a medical device marketing manager totally depends on his educational qualifications as well as the kind of work he does. In general a product manager is liable to earn around forty to seventy thousand dollars. With the increase in his expertise and years of experience, his salary may be increased or he may be promoted to the post of a senior product manager. It remains the same as it was earlier. The only thing that changes is his income. The salary of a senior product manager of a medical device marketing company varies from about sixty to eighty thousand dollars. After promotion from the post a senior product marketing manager, the next post which is awarded is the DM post. DM stands for the director of marketing.