The William Lauder Estee Lauder team of grandson and grandmother is indeed commendable for the beauty and cosmetic industry in the USA. The duo have really gave not only the USA but the entire world an outstanding range of skin care, hair care and make up products. There are many brands and products available under the Estee Lauder Company and they are targeted for both men and women.

Estee Lauder began the Company with her husband Joseph way back in 1946. The Company had a very modest beginning as it only sold four products. These products became famous and they started to sell like hot cakes in America. Within two years, Estee and her husband opened their first department store in New York. This store was located at Fifth Saks Avenue.

The next 15 years were very good for the business and it gradually found its way to London. Harrods began selling the product range of Estee Lauder. After some time, the Company opened its first office in Hong Kong too. Estee Lauder was passionately involved with her Company and its growth is testimony to her love for it.

William Lauder joined the Estee Lauder Company in 1986. He is the son of Evelyn and Leonard Lauder. Leonard Lauder was the son of Estee Lauder. William Lauder of Estee Lauder Company since then  have  brought with him many positive changes. He became the Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors and the Executive Chairman of The Company in June 2004. He remained in tenure till June 2009. He played a significant role in enhancing the brand image of the Company. He went the extra mile to strengthen the distribution channels of the Company. His efforts gave a major boost to the image of the Company not only in the USA but across the globe as well.

When he became the Regional Marketing Director of Clinique in USA, he began looking after New York. It was under him that Origins was created. William Lauder created the idea of a store within a store. This brought the Company outstanding success. William Lauder and Estee Lauder have been inspirational leaders and this is how the grandmother and grandson team went on to take the Company to better heights.

Today, the American beauty and cosmetic industry is incomplete without William Lauder and Estee Lauder Company. Both the duo have given the world safe and amazing products to trust and use for a lifetime!