A Successful Oil Field Business Entrepreneur Offers His Views about Most Advanced Drilling and Fracking System

Published On October 29, 2015 | By Peter Austin | Business

Subsequent to the acquisition of PRIMERA Energy, Brian Alfaro, the founder of Alfaro Oil and Gas Company readjusted his Bull’s-eye points to become the largest Oil producing company in TX while his second target has been positioning his group in the list of top 20’s Oil and Gas producers in the United States. PRIMERA Energy is a Texas based oil and gas company which has strong presence in both Barnett Shale as well as Eagle Ford Shale in Texas. The group has committed to offer the highest ever return against investments of their partners together with superlative quality of oil produces.

Brian Alfaro is backed by a BA degree with major in Communication and English. He graduated from Texas Tech University. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Communications. Way back in 2006, Brian founded his foremost oil venture Alfaro Oil and Gas Company with three major objectives

  • To be equipped with most up-to-date tools and techniques that ensure safety of his employees to toxic exposures that commonly happens in oil fields;
  • Introduction of superior category of drilling and fracking procedures that ascertain best output, effective extraction together with ecological nonviolence;
  • To maintain product excellence, at any cost and supply the highest quality products to his business associates; his aim was also to uphold healthy relationship with all business partners, stakeholders and his employees.

At everyone’s surprise, what he committed in 2006, he has adhered to all his objectives and that has flourished his name as one of the best business personalities in Oil and Gas Industries in the United States.

With his experience in Oil and Gas fields, product quality and healthy business attitude, he has been successful to get associated with a number of famous groups like Alpine Exploration Inc, Southern Bay Energy, Sun-coast Technical Services and Walter Oil & Gas Corporation, and eventually this has hoisted his position in Oil and Gas Corporate Industries. The areas where Brian Alfaro has expertise include all related issues concerning Oil fields, Pipelines, Newest Fracking systems, Offshore and onshore drilling, Geology/Minerals, Seismology, and Amalgamation and so on.

How Brian Has Enhanced its Drilling and Fracking Systems

The preferred mechanism for drilling is horizontal drilling procedures. According to his views, outfitted with advanced mechanisms and undergoing horizontal drilling process can help place long pipes effectively into the shale. With this both oil and gas produces come into the pipelines which can be extracted very efficiently without any problem. This method of fracking is proved as very protective and safe to environmental issues.

In fact, Brian has equipped his new project PRIMERA Energy with very high standard error-free technologies whereas each phase are pneumatically controlled and visualized by computerized systems. In addition, the company undergoes multi-stage fracking, drive rigs and obviously horizontal drilling which is beneficial in all terms.

Brian’s Tip to Managers

As per opinion of Brian Alfaro that top administrators or managers who suffer from the complexity that they understand everything of management are not correct. To be a successful manager what is significant is continuous personal analysis, advancement of knowledge and personality that make one skillful. In the present world there is no end of learning things.

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