Finding a great book keeper is one of the hardest jobs and can even be linked directly to the overall felicity of the business. One might be a great businessman but not skilled enough in accountancy or book keeping. Such businesses might run well but they always have the risk of going down at any point of time. That is why one needs to find a great book keeping service Singapore to keep their business on the right track financially. As Singapore is one of the fastest growing business hubs of South-east Asia, a great many accountancy firms have mushroomed but how do you know if it is the right firm for you? Here are a few pointers:


Pointers for finding a good book keeping service:

  • The firm should be fully computerised and possess the latest accounting software for highly efficient book keeping. As businesses grow, so do people’s needs for keeping their accounts in a foolproof manner so that they can track the growth of their business at the end of each month. A firm with an advanced technology will help much.
  • They should be keeping full set accounts as you need (monthly, quarterly, weekly) and prepare to show the
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss statement
  • Trial balance
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Fixed asset schedule
  • Debtor ageing list
  • Creditor ageing list
  • They should be prepared to listen to you and ask questions in return. They should know about your industry so that the records are flawless. Understanding the basic needs of a business-owner proves to be very valuable in this regard.
  • If you are running a large business, you should appoint an agency that will provide you with personnel to train your staff on audit and accounts.
  • Look for accreditation and certificates when choosing a service.