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Ina recent press meeting the chief and president of Maryland based D-S Pipes & Steel Supply LLC Chris Keehner stated that, this should be quite an encouraging news to all other industries that as of day, producers of steel products, or in other words, the steel industries are successfully producing superior class steel, knocking at the level of 42% of its total production out of recycling old steel scraps. Also, in a major social media site, this long experienced businessperson of DS Pipes specializing in comprehensive range of steel pipes and products reiterated that it’s been found that all steel scrapes are a great source of producing quality standard steel that industries look for.

Chris Keehner said to the press people that, for generation of 21st century major steel manufacturers have started producing increasing amount of structural steel products. Enthrallingly, structural steel produces come in comprehensive varieties and shapes which has been established as ‘super-class’ raw materials for constructional and industrial purposes and are extensively used today. Chris Keehner feels good to state that the figure shows, approximately 89% of those recycled materials are employed in structural activities. These steel items are lightweight, easy-to-install, enduring and add significantly to your bankroll by cutting back your investment.

According to him, scrap materials are majorly used for recycling and for making steel include old and broken cars, train tracks, bars and beams; weightlifting products apart from the steel parts of domestic appliances like refrigerator etc. The quantity of steel leftovers is simply gigantic and nothing can be better news for people that so-called traditional measures as well; extreme dependability on uplifting of iron ore from mines is reasonably minimized with the successful production of steel through recycling. No wonder, the steel produced by means of recycling process is an ideal and less expensive way since the major cost which is expended towards removal of iron ore by mechanisms, manual labor and etc can be eliminated drastically. Another key benefit that we derive from recycling of materials, no matter whether it is steel, plastic or aluminum is, this adds to environmental friendly atmosphere.

The Company

Incepted in 1979, by John W. Keehner, D-S Pipe & Steel Supply is a limited liability big family business that specializes in stocking and distribution of across-the-board steel pipes, structural steel elements, valves and others. Importantly, backed by latest mechanisms and high valued tools like Plasma Cutting CNC machines, DS Pipes can offer you all types of steel plate cuttings, no matter whatsoever is the specification or its shape and capable to execute all your custom made requirements in huge quantities within time schedule.

Apart from, its dealer chain which is spread in almost 6 states across the United States, DS is also catering some of its big corporate clients like shipbuilding companies. With its wonderfully equipped warehouse in Baltimore measuring 250,000 sq ft; expert workforce of 110 officials other than delivery people and 19 trucks, the company is always ready to support you as and when you might need the same. The key persons of this fast growing family owned business are Christopher Keehner and his brother Sean Keehner.  To know more about steel industries, individuals to business professionals are welcome to read the exclusive blog writings of Chris that are published in various social media sites.

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