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Published On October 30, 2015 | By Milton Ferrara | Business

When asked as to what factors influenced choosing a nursing home, over a fifth of respondents admitted to searching via Google to find recommendations. As many as two thirds of the people surveyed stated that digging for further information about the nursing home from their website was paramount to the overall decision. Approximately 600 people were included in the study.

The study was compiled by First Care, Ireland’s leading Care Home. First Care went on record to highlight the significance of a nursing or care home having a clear presence on the internet and being seen to be actively responding to the demands and enquiries of the pubic, in order to make decisions for placing elderly people in the most appropriate living environment a comfortable and easier choice.

A spokesperson from First Care, Francis Mac Aonghus, said: “From our experience working with nursing homes and the healthcare sector we consistently find that more than 60% of a website’s visit comes from natural rankings, and more than 20% can come from paid advertising through Google.”

“Clear contact details (43%) and informative content (44%) are the most important tools on a nursing home website, with as many as 30% seeing good web design and strong images as an important

influence in choosing a nursing home,” confirmed Mac Aonghus. “We consistently see that well written and clearly presented content has much stronger engagement and interest.”

It should be noted that a nursing home’s website is better served for the familiarisation of a company and its care home facilities, rather than it’s impact in enquiries and conversions through online interaction. People want reassurance when making such a life-changing decision for a loved one.

Mac Aonghus also reported the failure of care homes to stabilise presence online with a website or maintain a flagging website for ease of use is a worrying sign that sends out a worrying signal. “Despite these findings our own audits on the quality of websites within the sector has found that 63% of nursing homes do not have a website, and of the 37% who do 79% are not responsive, and 98% would be classed as poor in both design and informative content.”

The full study can be found on the First Care website (

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