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Plan on buying a house soon? That’s a brilliant idea! A home is an excellent investment for you and your family. However, the home-buying process can be quiet overwhelming – especially if it’s your first time buying a house.

There are lots of things to consider before deciding to buy a house. First, are you ready to reside in a single location for many years? If you’re fond of traveling and has been moving a lot for work or personal preferences, then owning a house might not be the best idea for now.

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Another consideration is the location and number of rooms you want to have on your home. These two can affect the price of your future house. However, the most crucial factor to keep in mind is how much can you afford to buy.

For some people, they can afford to buy a house in cash. But for the rest of the population, you’ll most likely need to get a mortgage to help you finance a home purchase.

Let’s say you’re a first time home buyer Texas who plans on getting a home loan. It is essential to check if you can afford to pay your mortgage lender in time. Mortgage calculators are an excellent tool that can help you check what your monthly payments will be.

Here are four of the best mortgage calculators you can use to check what your financial situation will be in the future.

US Mortgage Calculator

This is a favorite of many as it has no annoying ads. It is a highly detailed mortgage calculator that can give you a comprehensive breakdown of monthly mortgage payments.  Whether you’re thinking about getting a 15 or 20-year mortgage, the US Mortgage Calculator can help you check how much you’ll owe monthly.

Realtor’s Mortgage Calculator

If you’re after an easy to use mortgage calculator, then Realtor’s Mortgage Calculator is what you need. One can check what the amortization, monthly mortgage payment, and payment schedule will the fast and easy way. All you need is to choose the location, home price, the amount of down payment you can pay, the mortgage loan type, and interest rate.

Zillow’s Mortgage Calculator

Zillow is not just for home buyers hunting for homes. It also has a mortgage calculator you can use for free. One only needs to enter the home price, down payment, mortgage loan program, property tax, interest rate, and home insurance. You get to estimate how much your monthly mortgage payment will be in seconds. It also gives you a breakdown on where your money is going and calculates how much different loan types will cost you.

Nerdwallet’s Mortgage Calculator

Nerdwallet also has a free mortgage calculator that is simple and easy to use. Input the home price and down payment together with your homeowners’ insurance, HOA fees, property taxes, principal and interest rates. You’ll quickly see how much your monthly payment will be. It even has a bonus feature that lets you check how much the latest rates are at a specific location and loan term type.